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The Palisades Park Police Department is proud to announce the deployment of body worn cameras. Not only do the cameras serve as useful tools for recording evidence, more importantly they promote transparency, professionalism and accountability by documenting officer conduct and interactions with the public. All Palisades Park police officers assigned to patrol wear body cameras during their tour of duty. The department will deploy the BWC'S to all sworn officers.


Body cameras will be worn to enhance community trust and record public interactions in an official capacity. The cameras will be worn on the police officers outermost garment, on their upper body. The body worn cameras will be used in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General's Guidelines.

The Palisades Park Police Department has adopted the Axon Body 3 to meet the Body Worn Camera policy. The camera is shown in the image above.

Any questions regarding BWC please contact Captain Gasparovich #75 -
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